WHY United Connect?

United Connect brings you Always Connect, which is dedicated to ensuring access to data using South Africa’s largest WIFI network with over 2000 hotspots, located at leading airports, hotels, shopping centres and more.

We are passionate about getting as many people online as we can and believe that we have made this simple and affordable.

With United Connect, you no longer need to worry about expensive mobile data, or even worse, not being able to connect when you need to. Get on with life, and know that one of our hotspots (and the online world) is just around the corner.

Over 2000 Wi-Fi hotspots in SA
More affordable than Cellular Data
No expensive hardware
Strong Wi-Fi signal


With over 2000 hotspots nationwide, you are covered wherever you might be.


Always Connect

Always Connect is your all in one affordable way to connect to the World Wide Web without any mobile data, airtime or hardware. Always Connect has over 2000 Wifi hot spots situated all over South Africa which means that we have you covered. Whether you are at the airport, in a hotel, restaurants or sitting at home you are guaranteed a safe and secure connection for all your internet needs.

Lula Mobile

Lula Mobile aims to reduce talk time costs without having to own a Smartphone, change service providers or swop between different network sim cards during certain times of the day. No matter what phone you have or who your network provider is you will still benefit from great savings on talk time with family and friends.


As a Member you will receive exclusive access to our services via telephonic assist lines.

Choose from the numbers below for the service assistance that you require.

Product Support:
087 330 2579

Technical Support:
0861 468 7768

Website Login Queries Line:
011 232 9504


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